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Has it been challenging for you to find a trustworthy, consistent, and efficient investor to rely on when you come across a distressed or off-market listing? We’re here to crush the assumption that investors are difficult to work with. We are dedicated to being agents’ source of honest renovations, simple sales, and mutually beneficial results.

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We are always looking to grow our connections and relationships within the industry. We pride ourselves on providing our Preferred Partners with real opportunities to grow their business. Contact us today and an Acquisitions Partner will be in touch to discuss our processes, and ultimately, how we can serve you.

We guarantee minimized workloads, solid cash offers, transparent communication, and on-time closings when you work with our Team. 

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You benefit from having the ability to increase your commissions by representing us on every transaction you bring us (as long as it is your listing). And unlike some other investors, we have the capital to support all of our cash offers!

We Refer Leads

REIG Renovations markets to homeowners all over Southern CA through various direct marketing channels. If we encounter a seller who’s situation is best suited for a traditional sale, we’ll then refer the seller to one of our Partners (you).

Free Tools & Resources

We think it’s important to share our knowledge and resources with our Partners! We provide value to our Preferred Partners by equipping them with the tools necessary to understand the local distressed market, and how to identify potential opportunities.

  • “We have internal property enhancement folks in Big Block Realty, yet after speaking with your team I highly “suggested” my clients choose REIG.”

    Jonathan Olow
  • “REIG is very diligent with their communication and systems, so you’ll never find yourself out of the loop, as they wish to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved in the transaction.”

    Steven Wener
  • “Working with REIG has been nothing but great experiences. They are one of the best renovation companies I have ever helped purchase a home.”

    Bill De Ridder
  • “They did what they said they would do and worked to make this transaction close smoothly and on time!”

    Jessica “Jecka” St John
  • “What separates REIG from almost all other investors are their integrity, ethics and heart.”

    Gary Kent
  • “REIG has come through-time and again-providing a great solution, where there appeared to be none!”

    Don Pelletier
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The REIG Team is committed to providing partners and clients with current and valuable resources to make the best real estate decisions. There is no limit to what we will help our partners with! We are versed in addressing the most complex of selling scenarios, and you can always count on us to put your needs (and your sellers’) first. REIG Companies is a multifaceted investment company comprised of three different divisions, which means we can serve all of your real estate needs.


In-House Construction Management

Our in-house Construction Management Team is known for leading remarkable transformations of homes across San Diego County. Our management team of licensed GC’s ensure that quality is never compromised, and that the transparency of our process speaks for itself.

We Build Lasting Relationships

Here at REIG Renovations, we know that relationships and people are at the heart and foundation of everything that we do. We treat our partners just like we treat our employees, like family. We believe in creating real relationships and real opportunities for those we serve, clients and partners alike. You can count on us to be your trusted source for market resources and a mutually-beneficial relationship.


Dedicated Operations Team

Our in-house Operations Team is here to make your life easy through every phase of the acquisition process. Our extensive experience, streamlined processes, and strong network ties practically guarantee an effortless transaction, every single time!


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Do you have a distressed or off-market listing?

We are always looking for investment opportunities to purchase. If you have a property that you would like us to take a look at, please submit it here. The lead will be reviewed and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We are looking for single family homes, multi-family, condos, townhomes, or any property where we can add value.

We have access to the MLS so if it’s another agent’s listing that is being actively marketed, we would ask that you would refrain from submitting unless you have a connection or special insight

Attend an Event

Find out more about REIG hosted events!

In an effort to grow our relationships in San Diego County and to provide value to our partners, we host events throughout the county every month. On the first Tuesday of EVERY month we host a networking Happy Hour for agents and many other real estate professionals.

In addition, we also host quarterly Investor Insider events where Co-Owner, Brian Daly, and our VP of Acquisitions, Marcel Bonee, share their knowledge about the current distressed market and more with industry leaders and agents looking to expand their tool belt.

  • I can’t say enough positive things about REIG. They make the buying and selling process so easy. They are extremely professional, answer all of your questions and are always available. The workmanship on the homes they sell is extraordinary. They know what the trends are and what style is selling and they adjust to the times with their remodels. Every time I show a home that is beautifully remodeled, I learn it is one of their homes. I would work with them again and again. I just need to find houses for them to get their hands on. Hopefully, they will start a company that helps people who are not selling, do their own renovation.

    Amy Farbstein Jensen
  • I’m a long time Realtor in San Diego and deal with many people in the real estate industry. REIG is the most honest, ethical and dependable home renovation and “flipping” group I’ve ever worked with. They are good people!

    Gary Kent
    Owner/ Realtor
  • I chose REIG after meeting with Erik, the representative, and other investor firms. I chose REIG because they truly asked and cared about the seller’s needs. They did everything they said they would and closed on time, unlike other investors I have done transactions with. My experience with them was top notch. As a broker for many years I could have listed this on the market, but my seller needed a fast close without the usual runarounds and pushes for reductions based on needed repairs typical of many investors. I’m a straight shooter and I like dealing with people who are the same. Two thumbs up! Thanks for making me look good as well for bringing you aboard.

    Alexander Pfleger
  • Working with REIG and their associates has been a great pleasure. They made the transaction from start to finish very easy. Kept me informed throughout the process. They will always be my first choice when it comes to my referrals. Thank you REIG Team!

    Pamela Duckworth
  • I worked with REIG on a listing I had recently and had a great experience with them! Everyone was easy to work with and very professional. It was a long transaction but the communication was great throughout. I am sure to use them again in the future if I have any off-market or distressed properties and will be happy to share their information with my peers. They helped make the transaction easy and I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again real soon!

    Jennifer Gascon
  • You represented REIG in such a professional and ethical way that I was pleased to present your offer to my seller. Since I have known my seller for over 50 years, I took very personally bringing her a no-stress offer and one that came from an organization that would do what they said they would do and yet be patient with a seller that had performance challenges because of her circumstances. Nohemi, I knew from the first conversation with you that you understood, had compassion, and wanted the sale to work for her and the purchase to work for REIG. You set my mind at ease and gave me great confidence I could trust your words. Eric went above and beyond my expectations. He was just as professional and upfront as any seller and their agent could ask. Great communications from him all the way through. SARAH was amazing at getting things done but patient and understanding as to the condition of the seller. My highest praise goes to the REIG organization for having the three of you on board…you are the assets of your company! I look forward to our ongoing business relationship!

    Del Hickman