How Does REIG Acquire Properties?

REIG Renovations has a vast network of agents throughout California that we partner with to provide the best solutions for distressed sellers. By providing double commission opportunities, free tools and resources, and overall transparent relationships- REIG has quickly become a trusted source for real estate agents. We purchase homes from banks/lenders, short sale owners, and traditional private sellers. We offer customized and creative purchase options, meaning we can buy the toughest of listings. As an agent, you will always represent us on your listings you bring us and, most importantly, you can trust that your seller will be cared for. But, we also work closely with bankruptcy and family law attorneys, as well as financial advisers. If you’re looking to make a new trusted connection within the industry, we’d love to partner with you.


In addition to partnering with agents to purchase homes in California, REIG Renovations is also actively involved in direct marketing to homeowners and sellers. We buy homes in any condition and our flexible purchasing options (and ease), make us a great option for distressed sellers. Some of the marketing methods we use to get in touch with homeowners include: PPC online advertising, Facebook ads, SEO, direct mail and more. If you know someone who needs a cash offer and a quick close without any hassle, please contact us here.


REIG Renovations maintains healthy relationships with local wholesalers and other investment companies. If you’re an investor or investment company and you come across a property that doesn’t fit your business model, please contact us today to discuss a mutually beneficial solution. We offer generous finders and wholesale fees and are always looking to grow our database of industry partners in the event that we come across a listing that reciprocally doesn’t fit our model.

What's an Ideal Investment Opportunity?

REIG Renovations operates under a value-add investment strategy across the board. Right now, we are actively buying single-family homes across San Diego County, but will also purchase homes in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. We will buy homes in any condition, but some of the criteria for an ideal investment opportunity might include: a home in disrepair and in need of major repairs, a value add opportunity, existing positive attributes that can be highlighted, or a distressed seller who needs a simple or quick solution to what can sometimes be a difficult situation. Under our multifamily investment company, REIG Asset Management, we are also actively involved in multifamily investments across the United States. If you have a multifamily property in San Diego, or anywhere in the U.S., that you’d like us to take a look at – you can submit the property information here.

How Do You Develop Your Offers?

There are a variety of factors that affect the offer that REIG Renovations will come up with. But, the five key elements in analyzing a property and its value include:

  1. After Repair Value (ARV)
  2. Repairs
  3. Hold Time
  4. Expenses
  5. Desired Profit

REIG Renovations hosts a quarterly Investor Insider Event where we will actually take you inside our world and provide you with tools that help us fully analyze properties. If you’re interested in learning about how we make the above computations (whether out of curiosity, or because you’re interested in investing in properties yourself), we highly recommend you attend our Brunch & Learn.