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  • You don’t have to deal with annoying buyer showings or open houses
  • You can close on the date of your choice, guaranteed

If you’re looking for an easy solution to sell your house, you’ve come to the right place. REIG Renovations is homeowners trusted choice when looking to sell fast and for cash. No matter why you might be selling, we can help you find a simple solution to selling your property. There are no agents, no repairs & absolutely no hassles!  Give us a call today at (760) 566-7716 for a fair cash offer within 24 hours.

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No matter what selling situation you are in, we can purchase your house! We help homeowners who are behind on payments, need to relocate, are tired of being landlords, recently divorced, or simply looking to avoid the hassles of a traditional sale. If you own a property in Southern California and are wondering what other options you have in selling, especially if you need to sell fast, please give us a call today. Our team of experts are trained to help homeowners get through the most complex selling situations, both simply and for cash.

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  • Behind on Payments
  • Inherited a Property
  • Relocating
  • Divorce
  • Major Repairs
  • Tired Landlord
  • Being retired, we decided to sell our rental property to REIG.  The process was painless and the property was sold “as is” avoiding numerous fees. Even the closing procedure was fast and consisted of on-line signing of documents.  The following people were commendable: Marcel Bonee, Neva Ellis, Katie Dennert & Sarah Dettmann. Neva, in particular, was the person we dealt with primarily.  She was friendly and very professional.  Questions during the process were answered promptly, whether on the phone or by e-mail.  We had some issues with a tenant unable to move out on the date agreed upon, thus the closing date was moved a couple of times.  Sarah was at the forefront who informed us as to what was going on.  She dealt directly with our property manager, hence avoiding unnecessary superfluous communication.  Overall, the entire process was painless and professionally executed.

    “It was was painless and professionally executed”
    Edgar Inocentes, Homeowner
  • I would like to thank REIG Renovations for helping me sell my home with effortless ease.  The entire staff was very professional.  I lived in this family home for many years, and my decision to sell was handled with care. I would highly recommend REIG to anyone who is looking to sell, buy or renovate.  Oh, and my transaction was as short as it gets….17 days!!  Thanks again Neva, Sarah, and Marcel for making my decision to sell a pleasant experience. You all are so amazing!!  I’m spreading the word!!” – Jackie Evans

    “My decision to sell was handled with care”
    Jackie Evans, Homeowner
  • “Hi my name is Corey Oswalt, I’m active duty military and I ended up getting orders to be stationed overseas, got stuck with a house I was in the middle of renovating. I did some research online and that’s how I found REIG.

    REIG has been one of the most professional and easiest to work with. When I first got the orders, I was looking to do a traditional sale and with that, it became a longer and drawn out process. Marcel from REIG contacted me and made the process extremely easy.”

    “Most professional and easiest to work with”
    Corey Oswalt, Homeowner
  • I currently sold my house to REIG and wanted to share my experience with the process. Two words to sum it up would be trustworthy and efficient. Trustworthy- I worked with both a realtor and REIG to see where I could make my most profit and quick turnaround with an old home that I was renting. Now since I have never really heard of and or any of my friends dealt with, this kind of sell. I was skeptical of the whole process. But Marcel did an awesome job of breaking down the process and in the end; it was all exactly how he explained to me from the beginning. Efficient- Like I stated previously, the whole process worked out flawlessly and I don’t see why this is not a popular a process. He mentioned that nothing was going to be required from me, other than my signatures and cooperation. Everything was handled and provided in an expeditious manner and without the common headaches of all the paperwork related to escrow and closing. The escrow office utilized was very helpful and everytime I called with a question, the phone was always answered and questions answered.

    If you are looking to sell your home without putting it on the market and having to deal with closing costs and those headaches, than this is definitely the way to go.  Best part is no closing costs, all paperwork done by them, and quick closing.

    “Whole process worked out flawlessly”
    Hector Quiroga, Homeowner
  • “We were in a hurry of selling the house quickly. We received the letter in mail from REIG and thought it was a good way of selling the house, as we would have lot less headache. Initially, we worked with Neva, she is very friendly and helpful. Then we worked with Marcel. Marcel arrived to our house on time for the appointment and friendly. Everything went well and now we are moving to the new house.  They would give you many benefits by working with them, instead of going through traditional sales process. I would recommend REIG to everyone who wants to sell their house easy and quick!”

    “I would recommend REIG to everyone”
    Yoko Kawamoto, Homeowner
  • In October 2015, to prepare for my separation from the United States Navy, I decided to sell my home in San Diego, CA no later than January 2016 and relocate to another state at the beginning of my separation leave in February 2016.  I researched the internet for the best possible route for my situation: (1) minimal time/money to renovate home to make it marketable, (2) minimal foot traffic through home (other family members residing), (3) low percentage commissions for real estate agent and (4) timeliness to complete the all transactions.

    I specifically selected REIG because of the testimonies I reviewed online.  The fact that this business is Military/Veteran friendly was a PLUS.  I was impressed, and heart-fully moved, when I read about the home REIG donated to a Wounded Warrior.  When Marcel Bonee stopped by to evaluate my home, he was very pleasant and courteous to both my mother, my dog Joshi and me.  He was flexible in meeting my schedule (military duties included) and all further correspondence and/or visits.

    This is how my situation evolved: (1) REIG allowed me to select my move out/sell home date, (2) We agreed upon $$$ without having to renovate/fix up, (3) only inspectors/evaluators were scheduled to visit home and (4) we did not need a real estate agent, so no commissions were involved. Last, in completing the entire home selling process, MaryAnne Martin kept me on track and very helpful in processing the last transactions and turning over the home to REIG. Their whole crew made the entire process very smooth, stress-free and simply…easy.  I have since referred REIG to several of my coworkers/shipmates.

    To Neva, Marcel, MaryAnne, the escrow folks and the inspectors/evaluators… THANK YOU for making this process easy so that I could focus on my next chapter in life.

    “Stress-free and simply…easy”
    Michell Olivario